Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sesame Thai Noodle Stir Fry

Our Relief Society had a Thai cooking night. This is one dish that was made, which I made tonight for Scott, Amy and John. Everyone really liked it, but I forgot to take a picture (I'm not too good at downloading them anyways). It makes a one dish meal, just stir it all together before serving in a very large bowl... yummy, but don't serve to anyone with a peanut allergy!

Sesame Thai Noodle Stir Fry


1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
3 T. seasoned rice vinegar (I used plain rice vinegar)
3 T. Soy Sauce
1 T. brown sugar
1 T. minced fresh ginger root
1 . sesame oil
1 clove garlic, minced
juice of one lime

Sir fry meat (steak, chicken or shrimp) that has been cut in bite size pieces (will add to other mixtures at the very end... I have three frying pans going at once).

Matchstick carrots (I used one small package)

Cabbage slaw (one small package)

bean sprouts (I didn't have these)

Red pepper chopped

Green onions chopped (I just used one onion diced)

Celery chopped

Pea pods

Mushrooms sliced

Anything in the fridge your family likes or dislikes (I used small zucchini and broccoli)

Add cooked chow mein noodles or angel hair pasta (cooked) I used about 1/2 lb. package of angel hair pasta.

Stir fry vegetables, starting with those that take the longest to cook with oil. Cook until crisp tender or how you like them.

Saute onions and mushrooms in a small fry pan with small amount of oil.

Toss all together (pasta, meat, vegetables). Top with crushed roasted peanuts and fresh cilantro.


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